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    Delivering Virtual Presence and Control
    As companies globalize and industry-standard servers proliferate, it is no longer practical to administer servers locally. Even in data centers, remote management is becoming increasingly critical as demands for efficiency and responsiveness increase. Delivering virtual presence and control as part of the Adaptive Infrastructure vision, Compaq is developing powerful Lights-Out capabilities for remote server management that is fundamentally changing the traditional hands-on server management experience. The first example of this focus is the leading Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition that delivers cost-effective Lights-Out capabilities to existing Compaq ProLiant servers. The Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition has been named the "Best-of-Breed" remote management card by Internet Week. Staring in early 2002, Compaq is beginning to integrate the Remote Insight Lights-Out capabilities into the Compaq ProLiant servers. The new Compaq ProLiant DL360 G2 is the first server to offer Integrated Lights-Out (iLO), the next generation of Compaq's industry defining technology integrated directly into the server architecture. In the future, customers will receive the robust Lights-Out capabilities built into more ProLiant servers.

    The iLO includes an intelligent microprocessor and can be accessed via a new, dedicated Lights-Out port on the rear bezel of the server. This port can be connected to a corporate intranet, the Internet (via VPN technology), or a separate management network. Accessed via a standard browser from anywhere, anytime the Integrated Lights-Out capabilities will not require any unique software applications to use.

    Two Versions of iLO
    There are two versions of Integrated Lights-Out available to meet customers varying remote management needs. The iLO Standard version provides basic Lights-Out management features that are integrated as standard components of the ProLiant server The iLO Standard features are available free of charge on supported ProLiant servers. The iLO Standard features include, simplified setup, text-based console for access to server boot sequences and text-mode operating system console, remote power on/off, SSL security, detailed server status, logs, alert forwarding, virtual indicators, diagnostics, and automatic server recovery.

    Upgrade to iLO Advanced
    Customers can easily upgrade iLO Standard to iLO Advanced by purchasing the ProLiant Essentials iLO Advanced Pack which provides a license key for switching on the advanced functionality of iLO. The iLO Advanced feature suite include Virtual Graphical Console and Virtual Floppy Drive that provide significant cost savings by removing any advantages of being physically present in front of the server for routine access and maintenance. Compaq continues to offer the Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition for ProLiant servers that do not support the Integrated Lights-Out .


    • Represent the next-generation of Compaq's industry-defining Lights-Out technology.
    • Provides fundamental server control and monitoring integrating essential Lights-Out technology directly into the ProLiant server architecture of the ProLiant DL360 G2. More servers in the future. Essential Lights-Out features include, remote power control, text-based console, logs, status, and alert forwarding.
    • Replaces basic server board management functionality previously available through Integrated Remote Console and Advanced System Management ASIC.
    • Easy-to-use, dedicated Lights-Out LAN port accessible via a browser interface.
    • Saves a valuable PCI slot for additional functionality and reduces installation and setup time.
    • Eliminates the need for an external power adapter or any other internal/external cables.
    • Provides a rich suite of security features including SSL.
    • Easily upgradeable to the complete iLO Advanced feature set as your demands require; establishing highest levels of virtual administration and control over your ProLiant server


    Building on the success of the current Compaq Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition that delivers leading, cost-effective Lights-Out capabilities to Compaq ProLiant servers, Compaq is further extending this advantage to its' customers by integrating comprehensive Lights-Out capabilities on the new ProLiant DL 360 Generation 2 server.

    • A Compaq-engineered processor and firmware embedded on the server's motherboard for industry-leading lights-out management.
    • An "always on" management processor powered by server auxiliary power when server is off.
    • An "always available" management processor, which runs regardless of the state of the server.
    • A dedicated iLO 10/100 port for connection to normal network or independent network.
    • Integration of Compaq Lights-Out technology and basic system board management and diagnostics.
    • Optional license for enabling Graphical Remote Console and new breakthrough Virtual Media features for virtual administration.
    • A tab-based user interface for easy browser navigation.
    • Newly designed security features, including:
      • Industry standard SSL encryption (128-bit) for all iLO web pages
      • Physical security jumper that allows recovery if all passwords are lost
      • Digitally signed firmware images.


    Customers with distributed remote sites and space-constrained data centers.

    Integrated Lights-Out solution addresses the numerous challenges that IT administrators are facing today in managing their complex IT environment. Attended, in-front-of-the-server operations have become expensive, time-consuming, and inflexible, while there is a constant demand on the IT organization to maximize uptime. Some of the common customer problems are:

    • Limited IT staff versus increasing number of deployed servers.
    • Increasing number of massively distributed (global) deployments.
    • Servers are located at different physical locations while IT groups are centralized. Diagnose-before-dispatch is preferred by customers.
    • Customers require standard configuration/deployment/management across all servers.
    • Timeliness of response to server issues and accessibility is important.
    • Cost of rack-based monitors, keyboards, plus CD-ROM and diskette drives in every server.
    • Increasing cabling complexity due to increasing server density.
    • Security for servers located in remote sites and data centers is of increasing concern.
    • Security (removable media devices increase security risk).
    • Need for increasing uptime/decreasing downtime.


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